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Power Phase

Three Phase Rotary Converters Are The More Economical Way To Get Distribution Of Three Phase Power To Your Equipment

Distribution Of Three Phase Power In The USA Can Be Expensive So The Three Phase Rotary Converter Is The Answer

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Review of the different types of power phase available. Several different topics listed, all very informative. 

3 Phase Power
A common source of electrical power transmission. This type of phase power is much more economical when powering your equipment.

Single Phase Power
Most commonly used power for residential and businesses that need power for lighting, heating and cooling. This type of phase power does not supply a revolving magnetic field.

2 Phase Power
2 Phase power is an early 20th century multiple phase that alternates the electric distribution system. One of the advantages of 2 phase power was to start electric motors.  Three phase power has basically replaced 2 phase power. 

3 Phase Power on Single Phase Power
Most residential and businesses only offer single phase power. You can convert you single phase power to 3 phase power by using a phase converter. 

Rotary Phase Converter
The rotary converter is the most widely used power converter on the market today.  The rotary converters convert your single phase power to 3 phase power giving your equipment a smooth sine wave with little or no maintenance for years to come. 

Static Phase Converter
The static phase converter has been around the longest in the industry but the uses on these are very limited.  They basically only jump start you three phase equipment for a matter of seconds which can give you problems down the line. 

Distribution of Three Phase Power in the USA
Most residential and commercial areas are only supplied with single phase power in the USA.  There are some commercial areas that have recently installed three phase power to places such as factories and large office buildings.

Harmonic Distortion
Harmonic distortion has become an increasing problem for machine and equipment operators. Harmonics can reduce the life of the equipment and interrupt equipment productivity. 

ACE Phase Converter
Ace Phase Converter has solved your phase converter solutions for 25 yrs.  True value with top quality products offering a 10 warranty.


Distribution Of Three Phase Power In the USA




Distribution Of Three Phase Power In The USA

Distribution of three phase power in the USA given to their customers is usually mandated by law and also by contracts between the utility company and the customer involved. They offer variables of Alternating Current (AC) or Direct Current (DC) power but most public electricity supplied is only AC today. Most people that need DC power, get it from either their own generating equipment or they have equipment that converts the AC to DC supply. 

Distribution of three phase power in the USA is delivery of 3 phase power from the utility generating equipment to a business or location for usage. Included in this is transmission over power lines, which may be through electrical substations and  pole mounted transformers. This also includes distribution of correct 3 phase wiring and possible electricity meters.

Getting distribution of three phase power in the USA connected to your home or business can be ridiculously expensive or virtually impossible.  Your home is normally wired with 220/100 wiring in which there are two 110v live wires and they share a common neutral wire. The normal electrical outlet is wired with wires between 110v live wire and the common neutral wire. Now some loads that are higher like air conditioning units, etc., are wired between two phase wires and they get a full 220v voltage.

Unfortunately all this talk about live wires and what not isn't going to give us the consumer distribution of three phase power in the USA to our homes or businesses unless we pay the utility companies thousand of dollars to give it to us.  It all starts out as three phase power but by the time it gets to us the consumer, we are still looking at single phase power with either 110v's or 220v's. The utility companies have been know to charge sums of $50,000 up to $90,000 per mile just to give you distribution of three phase power in the USA. It's very understandable how it can cost them so much cause they have to provide above power lines or underground  power lines to get it to your homes and businesses.  A lot of work is involved to convert the distribution of three phase power in the USA.

So what are the alternatives for distribution of three phase power in the USA?  Again we are back to the phase converters.  This is the least expensive way to solve distribution of three phase power in the USA. The true three phase rotary phase converter can convert your single phase power into three phase power and you will be able to run  your 3 phase power equipment without having to go to the utility companies asking for distribution of three phase power in the USA A much less expensive idea if you ask me

ACE Phase Converter has been manufacturing three phase rotary converters for more than 25 years and they know their business of three phase power conversion. They produce the highest quality phase converters available and offer a 10 year warranty to boot. ACE Phase Converters have all of the phase power solutions for all of your equipment and machinery.  So when you are asking about distribution of three phase power in the USA, know that your answer is the rotary phase converter.

ACE Rotary Phase Converter, An Alternative To Distribution Of Three Phase Power In The USA


ACE Phase Converters are the best reliable phase converters.  Custom-made products are also available.

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